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David Young artist David Young artist riding Thomas on Tavy Cleave , Dartmoor

David Young started painting in oils during his late ‘teens and has gone on to become one of the West Countries most notable landscape and environmental artists.

His upbringing was in a rural Devon hamlet that forged his outlet and subsequent expression in art and the environment. The freedom for a young boy to roam the woods and fields, befriending and learning from the last of the old country people, gave him an enduring love of the land and it’s soil, seasons, traditions and wildlife.

Profile of Dartmoor artist David William Young

His work includes all aspects of his rural domain including Dartmoor which he has travelled extensively for over twenty years on his horse Thomas. He does not paint many works in a year. Each painting takes months and is agonised over. Critical to each is the light, texture and atmosphere.

He has declined commissions for some years so he can devote himself to paintings that concern the Anthropocene. He continues to live and paint in the hamlet, his studio surrounded by his vegetables, compost heaps and abundant wildlife which are continual satisfying distractions.

Hope Springs eternal. Early sowings & apple cordons in bloom.

David Young & Thomas, Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor

David Young Artist

Art & the environment


Anthropocene Paintings

The new reality

by David William Young

The paintings on this page by David Young reflect the life, death, beauty, brutality, exterminations, ignorance and conflicts of this new epoch that we as a species have created.

With no power to stop this  juggernaut all he can do is use his brushes to express his observations and sentiments  in the microcosm of the little valley in which he lives.

A microcosm of the whole world.

It’s a bit difficult sometimes putting into words what means a lot, along with all the contradictions it often throws up. I think this song and video by the talented group ‘Seize The Day’ does a better job than I could do in a thousand words expressing my love and concerns for the natural world we live in.

…plus it’s a very good song!

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Recently discovered old photograph of David Young painting in his Studio.

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David William Young

The Dartmoor Paintings of  a Devon Artist

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